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About The EmBrace® Exercise Device
The EmBrace® Exercise Device is a dynamic device, uniquely designed to

exercise and strengthen weak breathing muscles

. It is not a support or bracing device.

Almost anyone can use The EmBrace® Exercise Device, starting at 12 months of age through adults.

There are 12 muscle groups between the collar bone and the lower ribcage that are used to help us breathe in and out. When these muscles are strong, they help us to:

sit up straight


take full breaths

, speak in full sentences with adequate volume, cough, and assist the shoulder for reaching. We refer to these muscles together as the upper core muscles.

These upper core muscles may be weak for many reasons, but they can be strengthened through exercise. The

EmBrace® Exercise Device

has been designed to place just the right amount of pressure on the upper chest area and cause the user to take deeper breathes automatically. Taking deeper breathes over a few hours each day will help to strengthen these upper core muscles. Stronger muscles

improve posture, vocal abilities, cough quality and arm extension

The EmBrace® Exercise Device is worn around the upper part of the ribcage, just below the armpits. Properly adjusted, it encourages deeper breaths and exercises these important muscle groups. It is worn comfortably, but NOT tightly, around the chest. It may feel as though it is “too loose” to work, but this is normal. Be sure to follow all of the instructions for adjusting it properly.

Supportive and bracing devices, such as back braces, orthotic braces, posture alignment systems, flexible compression products and sensory input devices do not strengthen muscles but only provide support or sensation. When a body segment of joint is braced, movement is restricted for that segment, which in turn contributes to muscle weakness.

Dr. Darwyn BartschAbout Dr. Darwyn Bartsch, Physical Therapist

A number of years ago, after working with a child for about three years, I struggled to find a solution to her challenges. She was unable to sit up, hold her head up, speak more than a few “words”, or turn her head to face forward as she was stuck with it turned to the right.

This child experienced very few gains with three years of physical, occupational and speech therapy. If there was going to be a solution to give her a better quality of life, I was going to have to figure it out, as I was not willing to tell her mother that, “This is as good as it’s ever going to get.”

By addressing this child’s upper core muscles (her breathing muscles), and making them stronger, it made all the difference in her ability to hold her head up, sit up, speak in sentences, and turn her head to the left. That was the start of The EmBrace® Exercise Device - giving people an alternative therapeutic exercise that impacts posture, head control, voice, cough, and even shoulder and fine motor function.

Dr. Darwyn Bartsch is a Licensed Physical Therapist with over 20 years of experience in a variety of settings. Although he provides therapy for adults in his private practice, he has focused on the pediatric home-based setting for more than 15 years. His emphasis has been on the physiology of development and movement in relation to function, habilitation and rehabilitation. He has been presenting seminars and conferences instructing therapists and developmental specialists across the United States.

He completed a Bachelor of Arts at Canadian Union College, a Bachelor of Science in anatomy and physiology and Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Andrews University,  Michigan, and completed his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree through Arizona School of Health Sciences. Dr. Bartsch is founder and president of Upper Core Technologies, Excel in Health Physical Therapy, and Bartsch-Tiedeman Therapies.

Dr. Bartsch has developed a series of instructional materials for therapists regarding the use of correct motor patterns when introducing new skills to a child. He has also  invented The EmBrace® Exercise Device (patented) and has been impacting lives of adults and children for several years with outcomes from using The EmBrace® Exercise Device.

About Upper Core Technologies
Upper Core Technologies is all about innovative and cutting edge interventions for healthy people and those with special needs. We offer a unique

solution to a common problem of weak breathing muscles


We are focused on research, design, development, manufacturing and distributing The EmBrace® Exercise Device.

Product design, ongoing research and development occur under the direct supervision of Dr. Bartsch. The professional team also includes a Nurse Practitioner, a Medical Device/FDA Specialist, and a Medical Device Production Specialist.

A number of medical providers and caregivers are consulted through the various stages of production design and development.

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