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The best breathing exercise


Life Changing.

The Embrace® Changes Lives

Asthma Issues

Healthy woman climbing stairs by the ocean.

I have suffered from mild asthma for over 30 years, to the point that... 

Child Who Snored

Boy sitting on stairs.

When my son Josiah was just 18 months  old, he snored and could not breathe easily. I had to... 


Young lady who was diagnosed with asthma.

I have been using the EmBrace® for five months now and am very pleased with... 

Breathe Better. Feel Better. Live Better.


Breathing exercise. Push with each breath when wearing The EmBrace.

The EmBrace® is a simple and surprising solution to teach you how to breathe the way nature designed!  

Better breathing technique improves quality of life. 

Any condition; Any age (1 year and up). 


Better energy for activities when using The EmBrace.

 Where technology and life meet to give you greater energy through more efficient breathing. 

In today's age of technology and renewable energy, we can look at the human body in a similar way. The need for energy, endurance, better health, and reduced medical issues can be linked to the strength of a small group of breathing muscles. The EmBrace® is specially designed for fastest and best breathing outcomes using research and development by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. The technology is unique. The outcomes are phenomenal.


Better health starts with better breathing using The EmBrace.

The easiest home program to help you breathe better, naturally. 

For CHILDREN, think of it as "tummy time." 

For ADULTS, think of it as "resistance training" for the breathing muscles. 

The EmBrace® is hypo-allergenic and latex free.

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The Inventor

The inventor of The EmBrace.

Dr. Darwyn Bartsch is a licensed Physical Therapist with a passion of finding solutions for a better fitness and quality of life for individuals. His approach includes an emphasis on physiology of development and movement in relation to function, habilitation, and rehabilitation. 

In this quest, he has discovered a key that has been constantly overlooked - the breathing muscles (the upper core) - the foundational component to everyones health! Because of this, his clients achieve better improvements with this breathing exercise than for other therapists and therapies. 

About Us

Upper Core Technologies is a family owned business.

We’re a family owned business with roots in the medical fields. Product design, ongoing research and development occur under the direct supervision of Dr. Bartsch. The professional team also includes a Nurse Practitioner, a Medical Device/FDA Specialist, and a Medical Device Production Specialist.

Our goal is to improve health and wellness through products that achieve the best outcomes possible. By combining technology, respiratory science, and expertise, we've created a unique, hypoallergenic product with you and your wellbeing in mind. We hope that, by using our product, you will have a success story to tell the world! 

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EmBrace® is a Registered Trademark of Upper Core Technologies. 

U.S. Patent No. 9,364,701.

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