Success Stories

Asthma Issues


I have suffered from mild asthma for over 30 years, to the point that I periodically required an inhaler. The asthma was particularly problematic with my exercise routine.  Under exertion, such as spinning (stationary bike) I consistently experienced a steady cough.

I started wearing The EmBrace® as something of a long shot to see if it could lead to relief of my asthma symptoms.  After a short period of time using The EmBrace®, per the prescribed treatment plan, I noticed a significant difference.  My cough diminished, and under exertion it has gone away entirely.

I no longer require my inhaler, and do not suffer any limitations in this regard.  Aside from the personal benefits I enjoyed surprising my family physician.  When asked if I required a refill for the inhaler I replied that thanks to The EmBrace®  – No. Problem solved for real, no more medication required!

Child Who Snored

When my son Josiah was just 18 months  old, he snored and could not breathe easily. I had to hold him upright or let him sleep on a pillow, with out it he would just cry all night. I was familiar with The EmBrace® product because I  had used it previously when I was recovering from Valley Fever. After Josiah started wearing The EmBrace® for just a couple of hours each day, I started waking up 3 or 4 times a night to check on him because I could not hear him. I was so use to Josiah snoring that when he stopped snoring I had to get familiar with the quiet night and he no longer needed the pillow to sleep at night. Josiah has just turned 5 and he still sleeps quietly and soundly. What a big difference in our lives. Thank you so much!  

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I have been using the EmBrace® for five months now and am very pleased with my results! I am very delighted with my new posture! I used to have very slouched posture, but now I have excellent posture! I have suffered from asthma symptoms for years and after these few short months my asthma is complete gone and I have not had to use my inhaler once - not even when running or exercising!  The EmBrace® has helped me build the strength to take deep long breaths rather than my usual short shallow breaths. Every month keeps bringing better results; I cannot wait to see what else improves!