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Their Stories

Asthma Issues

Woman walking the stairs by the ocean.

 I have suffered from mild asthma for over 30 years, to the point that I periodically required an inhaler. The asthma was particularly problematic with my exercise routine.  Under exertion, such as spinning (stationary bike) I consistently experienced a steady cough.

I started wearing The EmBrace® as something of a long shot to see if it could lead to relief of my asthma symptoms.  After a short period of time using The EmBrace®, per the prescribed treatment plan, I noticed a significant difference.  My cough diminished, and under exertion it has gone away entirely.

I no longer require my inhaler, and do not suffer any limitations in this regard.  Aside from the personal benefits I enjoyed surprising my family physician.  When asked if I required a refill for the inhaler I replied that thanks to The EmBrace®  – No. Problem solved for real, no more medication required!

Child Who Snored

Boy sitting on stairs at home.

When my son Josiah was just 18 months  old, he snored and could not breathe easily. I had to hold him upright or let him sleep on a pillow, with out it he would just cry all night. I was familiar with The EmBrace® product because I  had used it previously when I was recovering from Valley Fever. After Josiah started wearing The EmBrace® for just a couple of hours each day, I started waking up 3 or 4 times a night to check on him because I could not hear him. I was so used to Josiah snoring that when he stopped snoring I had to get familiar with the quiet night, and he no longer needed the pillow to sleep at night. Josiah has just turned 5 and he still sleeps quietly and soundly. What a big difference in our lives. Thank you so much!  

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Young woman who had been diagnosed with Asthma.

I have been using the EmBrace® for five months now and am very pleased with my results! I am very delighted with my new posture! I used to have very slouched posture, but now I have excellent posture! I have suffered from asthma symptoms for years and after these few short months my asthma is complete gone and I have not had to use my inhaler once - not even when running or exercising!  The EmBrace® has helped me build the strength to take deep long breaths rather than my usual short shallow breaths. Every month keeps bringing better results; I cannot wait to see what else improves! 


More Stories

Ventilators and Trach's

Ventilators and Trach's

Asher was born on July 18, 2016, at 29 weeks weighing 2lbs 6 oz. He remained in the hospital and was transferred from the NICU to the PICU at 8 months of age. After 270 days in the hospital, he went home for the first time (April 13, 2018). At home, he remained on a ventilator, had oxygen support, a G-tube and deep suction support. When awake, his breathing rate was consistently 40-50 breaths/minute with ventilator support. While sleeping, he would not breathe on his own, but let the ventilator do all the work at its set rate of 16 breaths per minute. 

The EmBrace® Exercise Device was started when he was 16 months old (November) to strength his breathing. Almost immediately after starting The Embrace®, he was breathing on his own at night at 18-22 breaths per minute. By April, he was off of ventilator support during the day without having to do any sprinting sessions. 

Physical Therapist’s comment:

The EmBrace® made a significant improvement for strengthening Asher’s breathing, and it has helped the weaning process off of the ventilator. Asher was completely ventilator dependent for more than a year, and was completely off the ventilator during the day in less than 6 months with no difficulties weaning from it. As noted above, his breathing started to improve almost immediately once The EmBrace® was introduced. The EmBrace® has been an effective option to aid the ventilator weaning process.

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury

During a snowboarding accident when he was 18, Ryan had an incomplete spinal cord injury at the C4-5 level. Defying the odds, with the rehab and therapies, Ryan learned to walk again. However, he continued to have longstanding issues of endurance, slouched posture, choking when eating foods such as rice and ground beef, and a weak speaking and singing voice. Almost 20 years after his accident he started to use the EmBrace®, and over the months experienced significant improvements. 

Shortly after starting to use the EmBrace®, he wrote: "About 4 months ago after an improvMANIA show a speech therapist approached me and informed me that I didn't know how to breathe or speak. She said watching me perform was painful. Like she felt my pain and struggle with every word I said. She wasn't trying to crush my spirit, she had an answer: The EmBrace®. She connected me with the creator of the device. We met and took baseline levels about 45 days ago. Already very excited about my improvements in voice volume, voice texture, the length of time I could speak on one breath, my posture is better and I'm able to swallow food more efficiently. I'm very happy that 'crazy speech therapist lady' Connie told me about this device. Its really improved my quality of life! Thanks for the love Connie!"

Now, at the end of the six months EmBrace® protocol, he doesn’t need to take breaks during workouts at the gym, he can stand straight, he can eat foods like rice and ground beef without choking, and has a very strong speaking and singing voice! 

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Vocal Fry and Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Vocal Fry

As a mom of two little girls and speech therapist, I personally and professionally experienced the benefits of wearing The Embrace®. 

In graduate school, I was diagnosed with glottal fry and started seeing a speech language pathologist who specialized in voice issues. I frequently experienced tightness and lost my voice easily whenever I got a cold or respiratory illness. Unfortunately, the exercises I was given in therapy only worsened my pain, and there was no improvement in my glottal fry. 

Fast-forward five years, and I became pregnant with my daughter. At that time I started wearing The Embrace®and noticed drastic improvements in the quality of my voice. 

My glottal fry symptoms resolved, and I was able to exercise regularly without experiencing loss of breath. My family was amazed that I was able to hike a mountain in Colorado at eight months pregnant and not be out of breath! I can’t imagine going through my workdays or pregnancy without The Embrace®. 

Now I get to share it with my clients and see the benefits it has for their lives!

Any Age. Any Condition.

Mother of a boy with Communication Delays

With The EmBrace®, my five year old son made more progress with his speech volume and words per sentence in the last 5 months than in 18 months of speech therapy. 

Mother of a child with Special Needs

In only four weeks of The EmBrace® my four-year-old girl started holding her head up to look at pictures on the iPad!

Parent of a child with Speech Delays

Before The EmBrace® he was able to say only one word on a single breath. Now, he can say up to ten words on one breath. 

Parent of a 5 year old with Special Needs

I purchased an EmBrace® for my daughter at the Accessibility Summit. Hard to believe the 6 months is up!  She has dutifully worn the vest 3hrs/day every day. It has definitely made a difference in her shoulder mobility! Some of her therapists and I have been so impressed with her improvement! Before The EmBrace®, she could not lift her hands over her head! Now she can reach with her arms straight up! Her handwriting is also improving - more legible. She is also able to read longer sentences on one breath, and can hold a note much longer. What an amazing device. Thanks for coming up with such a simple therapeutic product that makes such a difference! (for a reasonable price!)

Mother of child with Achondroplasia

By age 4, my son had pneumonias and respiratory infections which required hospital stays every year of his short life. But since The EmBrace®, he has only had one mild respiratory infection and no hospital stays!

Parent of child with Down Syndrome

Prior to The EmBrace® my 5 year old daughter could not walk a single block before having to sit down to rest. It often took several of these breaks just to go to the mailbox and back. Since The EmBrace® she has so much energy! She can walk and play at the park and never needs to stop and rest!

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