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Adjusting The Settings

This short video will guide you through the steps to set the correct tension for each month. For more information, please refer to the Instructions provided with your EmBrace®. 

A Better Breathing Technique

We all want to breathe better, naturally

Better breathing improves quality of life. Less shortness of breath, more endurance, improved posture, stronger voice quality, and quicker recovery from illness or surgery, all add up to better living! 

Individuals with diagnoses of Asthma, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome,  Spinal Cord Injury, Developmental Delay, Parkinson's, Valley Fever, and Pneumonia have weak breathing muscles. 

The EmBrace® is designed to help the medically fragile, and individuals who  are wanting a boost to improving their health. Some examples include individuals who are recovering from an illness or surgery, are sedentary, wanting  better posture, seeking a stronger singing voice, are physically active or involved in sports. 

The EmBrace® is a simple and surprising solution that teaches you how to breathe the way nature designed!  

Small girl wearing The EmBrace.
Small girl wearing The EmBrace.
The ages and conditions that The EmBrace can help.

Changing Lives

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the upper core?

The upper core is the portion of the torso around the ribs and up to the shoulders. In contrast, the lower core is the section of the torso from the bottom of the ribs down to the pelvis. The lower core (area from below the ribs to pelvis) is the area that is referred to when you are told, "you need to strengthen your core."

What is the upper core essential for?

Good upper core strength is essential for: 

• Posture - it allows us to sit straight and tall. 

• Breathing - it enables one to take a full breath, speak louder, and say multiple sentences with one breath. 

• Arms and hands movement - it provides stability for a person to have a good range-of-motion, flexibility and function of the arms and hands. 

• Effective cough - minimize the risk of choking and pneumonia.

What happens with the upper core is weak?

When the upper core is weak: 

• Posture will be poor. The individual will have rounded shoulders, slouched upper back with forward head posture. Also, one may have trouble sitting independently for a period of time without support. 

• Breathing and speaking will be affected. The individual will have difficulty taking full breaths and will become short of breath easily. One may have difficulty saying more than a few words on a single breath and may have difficulty speaking loud enough to be heard in general conversation or in a group conversation. 

• Slouched posture will interfere with range of motion and strength of the arms and hands. One will have difficulty reaching for objects overhead and may have difficulty opening containers or carrying objects with two hands. 

• A person can have difficulty coughing and clearing the airway to prevent choking and aspirating.

What are benefits of strengthening the upper core?

When the upper core is strong: 

• One will have good posture, without rounded shoulders, without a slouched upper back and with good head posture. One will be able to sit for extended periods of time without needing support. 

• Breathing and speaking are improved. The individual will be able to take full breaths with ease. Speech is easily understood with use of multiple word sentences and sufficient volume. 

• Shoulder and arm range of motion allows one to reach for objects overhead, open containers and carrying objects without difficulty. 

• A person can cough and clear the airway well to minimize choking and aspiring.

How does The EmBrace® work?

The EmBrace® is designed by a Physical Therapist. It is the only product that is Patented using a unique approach to strengthen breathing (the upper core muscles). The upper core muscles are those that control the ribs for breathing and posture. When these muscles are strong, they help us sit straight, allow improved shoulder range of motion and stability, and aid in taking full breaths.

Who can benefit from strengthening the upper core using The EmBrace® breathing exercise?

Almost anyone. If you, your child, or a loved one have any of the struggles described above due to a weak upper core, there may be benefit from strengthening the upper core.

Because The EmBrace® affects respiration, and respiration impacts so many aspects of life, The EmBrace® can benefit any person with any of the following: 

• Shortness of breath

• Diminished breath support 

• Diminished tidal volume (VT) 

• Decreased inspirational capacity (IC) 

• Adults who have a non-fixed thoracic kyphosis 

• Adults and children who sit and stand with a slouched posture and/or a forward head posture 

• Anyone who has had a history of multiple pneumonias 

• Aspiration  

• Poor scapular stability and poor upper extremity motor control 

• Children who have had limited, or restricted, tummy time during the early stages of development 

• Children who have delays in meeting developmental milestones 

• Children who are unable to sit up straight by twelve months of age 

• Low tone 

• High tone 

• Developmental Delay 

• Cerebral Palsy 

• Down's Syndrome 

• Joubert Syndrome 

• Pierre Robin Syndrome 

• Noonan's Syndrome 

• Deconditioning of the respiratory system 

• Non-fixed thoracic kyphosis 

• Little People (Dwarfism) 

• Cystic Fibrosis

• Spinal Cord Injuries

• Valley Fever

• Pregnancy

 • Guillain-Barré syndrome

 •  ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)

How is the upper core strengthened?

The upper core includes twelve unique muscle groups that are between and around the ribs. These muscles are difficult to strengthen because their type and location. They do not respond to common exercises. Upper Core Technologies has created The EmBrace® for the purpose of strengthening this unique group of muscles. 

Designed by a Physical Therapist, The EmBrace® provides mild resistance with each breath taken. Each breath then equals one repetition. It is the multiple repetitions of breathing while wearing The EmBrace® that provides strength to these upper core muscles.

Do I need an Occupational, Physical or Speech Therapist to use The EmBrace®?

No. You may choose to use it as a part of your therapy treatment program. It may be used as a personal home exercise program.

What will my insurance company reimburse regarding The EmBrace®?

Medical Insurance Companies may not reimburse for the purchase of exercise devices. The EmBrace® is an exercise device.

How long should The EmBrace® be used?

The EmBrace® is to be worn for three hours per day. 

It is recommended that The EmBrace® be used a minimum of six months. Like other muscles, the breathing muscles lose strength if not consistently exercised. The EmBrace® can be used 2-3x/week after the 6-month strengthening program, in order to maintain their strength.

What does it feel like to wear The EmBrace®?

The individual may experience only mild contact or very light compression - like being hugged.

When should The EmBrace® be replaced?

The EmBrace® is to be replaced when the device is torn or damaged.

Is The EmBrace® registered with the FDA?

The EmBrace® Exercise Device, initially registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2013, and continues to maintain FDA guidelines for use.

Self-management of health problems

Upper Core Technologies does not recommend the self-management of health problems. The information provided by Upper Core Technologies and its web site should not be used as a substitute for the medical advice of your provider. If a therapist or medical provider has questions regarding the treatment of a client using The EmBrace® Exercise Device, please contact us at

A Better Life!

Tired of the symptoms of Asthma, or struggling to recover from an illness such as Valley Fever or Pneumonia? 

The EmBrace® has improved the lives of individuals with  numerous conditions and diagnoses! It can help you too!

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